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    Rexel Consolidated provides complete project logistic services supported by a knowledgeable staff, and a worldwide network of offices with highly reliable agents. Headquartered in one of America’s most strategic port cities, Rexel offices in Miami, Florida provides direct cargo access to a high value number of customers throughout business markets in North, Central and South America, in addition to provide links to the rest of Europe and Asia.

    Our clients are the largest companies in the oil, petrochemical, telecommunications and engineering industries. They come to us because of our high level of expertise in international chartering, handling, customs requirements, coordinating site logistics, and making deliveries on precise time and budget. Moreover, our ground division offers a great variety of services based on logistics, having the most advanced satellite tracking system.

    Companies across the globe entrust their most valuable assets in our hands. Our qualified management, client-protective agency policies, and experienced safe operation procedures, guarantee that our cargo always reaches its destination timely and securely.